Dr. Sharrow is Professor of Range Management and Agroforestry in the Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management at Oregon State University. A national award winning teacher and researcher, he began professional consulting work in the western United States in 1975 and expanded his consulting services to include international work in the early 1980's. He emphasizes practical solutions to land management issues on both public and private lands in North America, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle-east. Technical specialties include dryland agriculture, forage-based livestock production, prescription (targeted) grazing,  agroforestry, and range management.

International Experience

Headwaters of the Blue Nile River, Lake Tana, Ethiopia

Dr. Sharrow completed training in international development project design, evaluation, and implementation offered by the University of Maryland International Project Management Development Center and went on to serve as a trainer for other Oregon State University Faculty, as a member of consulting teams working in Kazakhstan, China, Jordan, Morocco, Malawi, and Panama, as Chief-of-party for teams in Somalia, Kuwait, and Ethiopia, and as U.S. Director for Agroforestry Egypt, a large vertically integrated multidisciplinary applied research and extension project that operated field research locations and tree nurseries at multiple sites in Egypt. Dr. Sharrow most currently worked with Hayastan Himnadram Armenia Fund to enhance the agricultural economies of Armenia and The Nagorno Karabakh Republic. 

International Services

Camel riding in Sahara Desert, EgyptDr. Sharrow has received several awards for his contribution to agriculture and rural communities around the world., including the Oregon State University International Faculty Award for "demonstrated excellence in the application of agricultural technology to the betterment of mankind in the developing world".  He offers a full range of consulting services including all aspects of project design, evaluation, and implementation including:

Domestic Experience

Teaching range minitoring lab in an oak forest, western Oregon.Dr. Sharrow is an experienced educator and trainer. He has taught university level courses in applied statistics, plant identification and taxonomy, rangeland inventory and monitoring, general range management, rangeland improvements and restoration, agricultural research design and management, and agroforestry.  As a land grant university faculty member, he also develops new technology through applied research and transfers it to land managers through extension publications, short courses, and field days. Past consulting assignments have been quite varied including: vegetation inventory on mine lands, reclamation/revegetation of public land fills, economic development of rural communities, land capability assessment for zoning purposes, local training, targeted grazing to control unwanted vegetation, and expert testimony at legal proceedings.

Domestic Services

Range moniitoring workshop field trip in sagebrush grassland,Eastern Oregon.

Dr. Sharrow has worked in a wide variety of ecoclimatic zones in The western United States and Canada, ranging from desserts to boreal forests. An agroforester, he is familiar with integrating multiple land uses in a synergistic way that considers human as well as ecosystem needs. He offers a suite of land management and assessment services including:

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