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Hard Ramblin....

Dr Sharrow riding a donkey in Egpyt

Dr. Sharrow rides a Bediowan herder's donkey in Egypt while planting Acacia trees in the Norhtern Sahara... trying to make the Desert Bloom.... one of many areas around the world briefly visited in this video anthology of his overseas development work.



Trading Carbon Credits

Juniper Tree in Central Oregon pasture

The Oregon Cattlemen's Association requested basic information about trading carbon credits from their land. This video explains how carbon is stored and traded in forests, croplands, and pastures. It draws upon Dr. Sharrow's research showing that agroforests combining pastures and trees store more carbon than do pastures or forests alone.


Growing Wheat so People Can Eat

Chinese Grain Combine in Nagorno Karabakh Republic

This video  briefly describes efforts by a private charity, The armenia Fund, to import modern agricultural equipment into the Southern caucua Region of the Former Soviet Union so that local subsistence farmers can till and harvest their land. This effort is literally putting food on the table of many rural households .